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A few thoughts from Nick Owens

– POGO Member and POGO Chair (2019-2024) – “It is nearly 19 years since I first became involved in POGO – I attended POGO 3 at the White Point beach resort in Nova Scotia.  I recall the meeting extremely well for lots of reasons. Firstly, it was when I first met Charlie Kennel – the […]

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The “POGO-web”

by Jan W de Leeuw (POGO member director 2001-2009 and POGO Chair 2005-2006)   “As director of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (Royal NIOZ) I had the pleasure to attend the annual POGO meetings from 2001 (POGO-2) until 2009 (POGO-10) with one exception and more recently the POGO meetings from 2016 (POGO-17) until

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I was never a great diary writer…

says Howard S.J. Roe, Co-Founder of POGO, POGO member and Chair (2003-2004) “The entry for May 11 1998 says-“lunch 2pm/dinner Director of Scripps”; for 26 September 2011 it reads “Abingdon POGO”. These two entries bookend my involvement with POGO – thirteen exciting, interesting and often frustrating years. “The meeting in 1998 was my first with

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From POGO-4 to POGO-13

Recollections from Tony Haymet – POGO member (2003-2012) and POGO Chair (2007-2008) “A few weeks after I started at CSIRO in Hobart, we hosted POGO-4, which Nan Bray had arranged to bring to Tasmania.  Bushfires were raging in Hobart and also in Canberra… Read more…

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Kiyoshi Suyehiro recalls…

– POGO Member and POGO Chair (2009-2011) – “I remember my initiation with POGO was at its fifth meeting in Yokohama Institute of JAMSTEC in 2003. Since then, I attended POGO-6 to 10 as executive director of research at JAMSTEC and as representing IODP-Management International from 2010 to 2012. I had the honor of chairing

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Forming the Ocean Club called POGO

by Jesse H Ausubel, Director, Program for the Human Environment, The Rockefeller University, and Chair, Richard Lounsbery Foundation “During 1997-1999 I was conducting feasibility studies for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for the program that would become the Census of Marine Life (CoML), a global effort from 2000 to 2010 to assess and explain the

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