Outreach and advocacy

Outreach and advocacy

Many actors, working together internationally, are needed to bring about sustainable management of the oceans that is informed by sound science, underpinned by a comprehensive global ocean measurement system.

These include:

  • National governments working individually and through intergovernmental structures and bodies – who are agents for political action and international consensus and support the governance framework for international cooperation.
  • Non-governmental organisations aimed at coordinating science, influencing policy and/or raising public awareness at regional and global scales.
  • The wider scientific community, working nationally and internationally – who undertake research, share and synthesise ideas and findings and identify key scientific challenges and develop internationally agreed research agendas.
  • Funders of research and monitoring programmes whether they be governments, businesses or not for profit foundations – who provide the resources needed.
  • Individual citizens working individually and collectively whose support and desire for a better life and world provides continuing motivation and inspiration for all involved.

POGO seeks to work with all of these stakeholders, and particularly with Governments, Foundations and Industry, to articulate the benefits to society and required funding to build and sustain the global ocean observing system.

To achieve this, POGO has produced a number of Declarations, brochures and videos highlighting the many societal benefits of ocean observation. Since 2003, POGO has also been a strong advocate for ocean observing within the intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO), which operates at the Ministerial level, particularly through its leadership role in the GEO Blue Planet initiative. POGO also participates in relevant outreach events and exhibitions, and has recently been developing outreach activities for schools as part of its shipboard training programme.

Presentation on Pillar III, recorded Jan 2021 for POGO-22 Meeting.

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