Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

As a global consortium seeking to make a global difference, POGO recognises that equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the delivery of its Vision. 

POGO further commits to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion in the implementation of its 2021-25 Strategy, in every aspect of its activities, and -where possible- to use its collective voice and influence to enhance these values within the broader oceanographic research community. 

POGO defines “equality” as its recognition that all participants in POGO activities and committees have equal status and equal rights, and its commitment to providing equal opportunities to all candidates in the selection and/or recruitment of trainees, staff and committee members.   

POGO defines “diversity” as the full spectrum of personal attributes (e.g. gender, age, sexual orientation, disability), and ethnic, cultural and/or religious identities. POGO is committed to enhancing the diversity of its Board, Committees and Working Groups, as well as the diversity of the participants in its training programmes. POGO also strives to enhance global participation in its activities, and to include in its membership institutions from under-represented regions. 

POGO defines “inclusion” as valuing the contributions of diversity to ocean science and observations broadly, and to POGO activities specifically, and respecting the individual identities of participants engaged in executing POGO’s Vision and Mission. Inclusion encompasses proactive efforts to provide equal opportunities to participate in POGO activities, training and leadership, regardless of personal identity and background, and to ensure that POGO is a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment. POGO strives to cultivate a culture of respect and be a model organisation for inclusive practices. We strongly believe that an inclusive environment augments the quality and impact of POGO’s work and it is essential for POGO to uphold its moral and ethical values. 

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