The purpose of our strategy is to look forward to our priorities for future years.  It reaffirms our commitment to work collectively as a global community to promote and deliver the development of the truly global ocean observation system needed to advance understanding of the ocean and its wise use for the benefit of all humankind.

POGO’s Mission is to:

  1. Lead innovation and development of the crucial components of the ocean observing system.
  2. Identify and contribute to the development of the key skills, capabilities and capacities needed to achieve the vision.
  3. Work with Governments, Foundations and Industry, to articulate the benefits to society and required funding to build and sustain the system.

Pogo’s Values:

We are motivated by a common belief that advancing scientific understanding of the ocean is rooted in making systematic, high quality measurements.  We believe that this understanding and its wise use is critical to, and will make a real positive difference in, enabling humanity to develop a sustainable relationship with a healthy, productive and biologically diverse ocean.  We are further motivated by the shared belief that our vision can only be realised by working together across the world, where we can achieve together what none of us could do alone.

For these reasons, in our collective endeavours, we value:

  • Research excellence and relevance.
  • Diversity, transparency and openness.
  • Shared belief in science as critical to evidence-based decisions.
  • Partnership and cooperation.


Our priorities both individually and collectively are to:

1. Lead the making and innovation of observations that contribute to the global ocean observing system.

We will judge progress by our success in:

  • Refreshing the way we think about the approach to building the global observing system from the opportunities opened by rapidly developing and adopting emerging and transformative technologies.
  • Expanding the observing system in quantum steps in respect of biological and biogeochemical parameters.
  • Driving these into the agenda of the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

2. Develop the world-wide capacity and capabilities needed for ocean observations and nurture new generations of scientists, technical experts and leaders in ocean affairs.

We will judge progress by our success in:

  • Building networks, technologies and human resources required for ocean observations at the global scale.

3. Advocate and promote in our own countries and world-wide (to inter-governmental organisations, governments, funding agencies, businesses, foundations and citizens) the importance of making systematic sustained, ocean observations for the advancement of science and for informed, sustainable management of the ocean for the well-being of all humankind and making the case for securing the necessary funding resources to achieve it.

We will judge progress by our success in:

  • Broadening the membership of POGO to a wider range of oceanographic institutions across the world to increase diversity of perspectives on our shared goals and extending geographical coverage.
  • Widening and strengthening engagement with a more diverse range of potential partners especially in business and industry, to better understand their measurement needs, advance uptake and exchange of new technologies between business and science, enhance skills and capabilities, and achieve a more broad-based support for sustained ocean observations.


We will place particular emphasis on:

  • Continually committing to the importance of scientific and technical excellence and rigour in underpinning all we do.
  • Developing joint activities where we particularly strive to support long-term measurements and associated capability (rather than more ad hoc individual experiments or expeditions, which are also part of our work as individual institutions).
  • Areas where we can make a collective difference because the whole is greater than the sum of what we could do individually.
  • Developing common messages and consensus position statements that can be used by members to promote and deliver our shared aims in national contexts.
  • Sharing experiences and practices that can be used to assist individual institutions to continually improve their approaches to delivering our shared priorities.
  • Keeping our primary focus on ocean observations, while adapting to changing global circumstances.

In recognising the complementary contributions of others we may from time to time:

  • Develop recommendations for consideration by other competent organisations.
  • Seek, where appropriate, to work in partnership with a diverse range of other like-minded organisations and individuals when that would add weight, value and breadth of perspective in delivering or promoting our vision and purposes.

POGO Statement on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

As a global consortium seeking to make a global difference, POGO recognises that equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the delivery of its Vision. POGO further commits to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion in the implementation of its 2021-25 Strategy, in every aspect of its activities, and -where possible- to use its collective voice and influence to enhance these values within the broader oceanographic research community. 

POGO defines “equality” as its recognition that all participants in POGO activities and committees have equal status and equal rights, and its commitment to providing equal opportunities to all candidates in the selection and/or recruitment of trainees, staff and committee members.   

POGO defines “diversity” as the full spectrum of personal attributes (e.g. gender, age, sexual orientation, disability), and ethnic, cultural and/or religious identities. POGO is committed to enhancing the diversity of its Board, Committees and Working Groups, as well as the diversity of the participants in its training programmes. POGO also strives to enhance global participation in its activities, and to include in its membership institutions from under-represented regions. 

POGO defines “inclusion” as valuing the contributions of diversity to ocean science and observations broadly, and to POGO activities specifically, and respecting the individual identities of participants engaged in executing POGO’s Vision and Mission. Inclusion encompasses proactive efforts to provide equal opportunities to participate in POGO activities, training and leadership, regardless of personal identity and background, and to ensure that POGO is a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment. POGO strives to cultivate a culture of respect and be a model organisation for inclusive practices. We strongly believe that an inclusive environment augments the quality and impact of POGO’s work and it is essential for POGO to uphold its moral and ethical values. 

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Our vision is to have by 2030, world-wide cooperation for a sustainable, state-of-the-art global ocean observing system that serves the needs of science and society.

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