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Thank you for visiting our Exhibit at COP27. On this page you can find quick links to further information about POGO.

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Our 5-year strategy was launched in October 2021.

Visit to view the interactive document, which includes video statements from several of our members around the world.

We currently have 54 members in 29 countries.

Visit to find out more about our members and their ocean observing systems.

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Find out how to join POGO, and the benefits of membership here:

POGO was founded in 1999, and recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Visit to view an interactive timeline of our work over the past two decades.

The Three Pillars of POGO’s Work

Innovation in ocean observing

POGO supports innovative approaches to ocean observing through seed funding for new technologies, partnerships and training initiatives.

Current projects include the UN Ocean Decade-endorsed project, OBON (Ocean Biomolecular Observing Network), and the COLLECT (Citizen Observation of Local Litter in Coastal ECosysTems) Project.

Read about all our past and current projects here:

Presentation on Pillar I, recorded Jan 2021 for POGO-22 Meeting.

Capacity Development

POGO’s capacity development programme is highly regarded, receives very positive feedback from both those receiving and providing the training, has had a demonstrable impact on individuals as well as institutions, and is often used as an exemplar for successful training and capacity development. 

Find out more here about our training programmes and alumni network here :

Presentation on Pillar II, recorded Jan 2021 for POGO-22 Meeting.

Outreach & Advocacy

POGO aims to work with governments, foundations and industry to articulate the societal benefits of improved ocean observations, and the funding required to build and sustain the global ocean observing system.

POGO is also active in public outreach efforts, including ocean literacy and citizen science.

Find out more about POGO’s outreach work at:

Access our brochures, leaflets, videos and more at:

Read past issues of our newsletter, and sign up to receive our emails here:

Presentation on Pillar III, recorded Jan 2021 for POGO-22 Meeting.

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