The Austral Summer Institutes (ASI) are run annually at the University of Concepcion in Chile and are often co-sponsored by POGO. The Institute takes approximately 30 students for a series of lectures on specific topics relating to the general theme of the Institute.

Past Austral Summer Institutes supported by POGO include:

ASI-XIX7-25 Jan 2019
ASI-XV5-23 Jan 2015
ASI-XIV6-25 Jan 2014
ASI-XIIIDec 2012 & Jan 2013
ASI-XIIOct-Nov 2011 & Jan 2012
ASI-XI3-28 Jan 2011
ASI-X14 Dec 2009-23 Jan 2010
ASI-IX15 Dec 2008-30 Jan 2009
ASI-VIII27 Nov 2007-26 Jan 2008
ASI-VII2-26 Jan 2007

Austral Summer Institute XX (2020)

ASI XX has been postponed until January 2021

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