The 11th Austral Summer Institute (ASI-XI) was held at the main campus of the University of Concepcion from 3 to 28 January 2011. The theme was “From Tsunamis to Water Pathogens: Understanding Ocean Hazards in the XXI Century”.

A workshop open to the community was held on January 7th at the Main Campus of UDEC.  “Tsunamis: comprendiéndolos y conviviendo con el riesgo”  (“Tsunamis: understanding them and coexisting with the risk”).  This Workshop was organized with the support of IOC UNESCO, Paris and their office in Santiago. It stimulated alot of interest within the local community that was affected by the earthquake and tsunami of February 2010, as shown by the attendance of around 200 people. The poster (in Spanish) can be downloaded below.

Two field trips were organised during ASI XI. The first one (with the course “Understanding tsunamis and preparing to cope with them”) was to the tsunami affected areas (Dichato, Penco, Tomé). The second one (with the course “Tectonics and recurrence of great subduction earthquakes”) was to the Arauco Peninsula.

Year: 2011

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