ASI-VIII was held at the University of Concepción from January 2–26, 2007.

‘Sediment diagenesis and biology’ course held at Dichato, 15-19 January. Lecturers: Jeffrey Chanton and Lisa Levin.

POGO-sponsored participants

Fernando AnduttaUniversity of Sao PauloBrazil
Gustavo MollieriNational Institute for Space Research (INPE)Brazil
Elisamara SabadiniUniversidade Federal FluminenseBrazil
Lilian KrugNational Institute for Space Research (INPE)Brazil
Paula Carpintero de MoraesUniversity of Sao PauloBrazil
Renata da Costa BarretoUniversidade Federal FluminenseBrazil
Natalia VenturiniUniversity of Sao PauloBrazil
Marcos Yukio YoshinagaUniversity of Sao PauloBrazil
Juan Carlos BazoServicio Nacional de Meteorologia e Hidrologia SENAMHIPeru

Year: 2007

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Members involved

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