The Austral Summer Institute and POGO

by Monica Sorondo and Silvio Pantoja (UNESCO Chair in Coastal Oceanography), Austral Summer Institute (ASI)

The Austral Summer Institute (ASI) has been hosted by Universidad de Concepción, in Concepción, Chile, and carried out every January since 2001. ASI is the academic umbrella for a series of international courses in oceanography. To date, 1.100 students -ranging from advanced undergraduate participants to early careers scientists- coming from 24 countries have taken part in the ASI activities, joining 187 renowned visiting lecturers coming from 16 countries. It is relevant to point out that beyond its role in supporting high-level education and capacity building, ASI has proven to be a most useful tool in the establishment of long-term collaboration projects and further training. Read more…

Silvio Pantoja

ASI activities have been continuously supported by POGO since its early editions. Initial involvement was made during the administration of Dr. Trevor Platt and Dr. Shubha Sathyendranath and our collaboration has been ongoing ever since. POGO’s support has allowed participation of students from the Latin American region who otherwise would not have been able to attend. Most of these participants pursued master and doctoral studies and have kept in touch among each other through the years. These interactions have allowed a series of activities that are valuable contributions to the education of the next generation of marine scientists.

Personally, and on behalf of all who have participated in ASI, we are pleased to congratulate POGO in its 20th Anniversary celebration. This important milestone is a perfect opportunity to thank and acknowledge an institution that has been essential in the development of ocean sciences in Latin America.

Monica Sorondo and Silvio Pantoja (UNESCO Chair in Coastal Oceanography)

Austral Summer Institute (ASI)

Universidad de Concepción, Concepción, Chile

August 2020

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