Douglas Cripe, Senior Scientific Advisor, GEO Secretariat

“The Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean – POGO – has been instrumental in the development and agenda-setting of GEO since its inception. Indeed, as a key Participating Organization (PO) in GEO, POGO has shown leadership in raising awareness of the need for coordination and open access to ocean and marine observations, especially in the absence of a Societal Benefit Area dedicated to ocean observations. POGO has long recognized the power of the integration of multiple types of observation data and knowledge to provide comprehensive information about the world’s oceans. Read more…

Through constructive collaborations with GEO Members and other POs, POGO has demonstrated how the monitoring capabilities of the countries and organizations that participate in GEO afford decision-makers an unparalleled opportunity to gain insight about critical factors related to the state of the world’s oceans and potential impacts for society that changes in ocean characteristics are starting to bring. Coupled with its advocacy of open access to marine observations, POGO has also been in the forefront of improving the capacity of developing countries to not only discover and access ocean observations, but how to use them for marine monitoring and planning in response to changes in climate and land use, through science-society collaborations at local, national, regional and global levels. As one of the select numbers of POs speaking on behalf of the ocean observing community, GEO will continue to rely on POGO’s input and participation in ocean-related activities of the GEO Work Programme to realize applications of ocean observations that will benefit society for years to come.”

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