POGO Scholars

Testimonial: Priscila Lange

POGO Alumnus: (1) NF-POGO Centre of Excellence 2011-2012; (2) POGO-AMT Shipboard Training, 2012 “I am a Brazilian marine biologist specialized in marine phytoplankton ecology. Here I tell my story about how POGO completely changed my professional path and my scientific career through the opportunities, mentorship and motivation offered to developing countries’ ocean science students.” Read […]

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Testimonial: Chunli Liu

POGO Alumnus: NF-POGO Centre of Excellence 2011-2012 “I was selected as a scholar of the Nippon Foundation-POGO Centre of Excellence (NF-POGO CofE) in year of 2011-2012 (Year 4 POGO). Although eight years have already passed since my POGO training, when I think back on my research career I always appreciate how wonderful the POGO programme

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Testimonial: Ankita Misra

POGO Alumnus: (1) POGO-AMT Shipboard Training, 2013; (2) POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowship, 2017 “In 2013, I was awarded the POGO AMT 2013 fellowship to participate on a research cruise from UK to Falkland Islands to carry out in-situ measurements along the Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT). The fellowship was very well structured into three parts, to prepare

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Testimonial: Edem Mahu

POGO Alumnus: NF-POGO-AWI Shipboard Training (NoSoAT), 2015 “Africa suffers a brain drain and the reason is simple: A lot of the continent’s young talented scientists would rather emigrate to the North to fully develop their research career and contribute significantly to addressing challenges that are outside of the African continent rather than remain on the

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Testimonial: Bennet Foli

POGO Alumnus: NF-POGO Centre of Excellence 2009-2010 “The NF-POGO Centre of Excellence (CoE) scholar program is one of the best short academic programs I have ever attended. It was a great opportunity for me to be a part of this program during the 2009-2010 year group in Bermuda. In the first place, being one of

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Testimonial: Mathieu Rouault

POGO Alumnus: POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowship, 2002 “In December 2002 thanks to a POGO grant, I flew to Dakar, Senegal to board a French research vessel and participate to the PIRATA FR 11 cruise whose main mission was to recover and replace five Atlas moorings in the Tropical Ocean Atlantic.  This participation turned out to be

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Testimonial: George Grinson

POGO Alumnus: NF-POGO Visiting Professorship training, India “Having a mentor is key to building a successful career in science. The quality of the labs and of the scientists associated with them determines the extent to which young researchers working on their doctoral thesis gain expertise in specific scientific fields.  Some young researchers are fortunate to

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Testimonial: Hoang Cong Tin

POGO Alumnus: (1) NF-POGO visiting professorship training, 2007; (2) NF-POGO Centre of Excellence 2009 – 2010; (3) NF-POGO regional training in Vietnam, 2011 “…it is obvious that the knowledge, studying, and working capacities I have today were significantly contributed to by NF-POGO capacity building programmes around the globe. From a young newly-graduated bachelor in science,

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Testimonial: Subrata Sarker

POGO Alumnus: (1) NF-POGO Centre of Excellence 2013-2014; (2) NF-POGO-AWI Shipboard Training – NoSoAT 2016 “‘Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, but let me do and I will understand’ – a Chinese proverb.  Hands-on training offers the opportunity to build the foundation of ocean science to the young ocean

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Testimonial: Pavanee Annasawmy

POGO Alumnus: NF-POGO-AWI Shipboard Training (NoSoAT), 2015 “My journey with POGO and NANO dates back to 2015 when I was the first Mauritian candidate to be selected for the first North to South Atlantic transect from Germany to South Africa on board the Polarstern Research Vessel. It was an incredible and life-changing experience for me.

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