Testimonial: Cintia Organo Quintana

POGO Alumnus:
Austral Summer Institute 2006 & 2009

“I had visited Austral Summer Institute for two PhD courses in 2006 and 2009. Both courses provided me excellent opportunities to connect with international researchers and also extend my network to Chile. The course contents were up to date and had a huge impact on my research. I have learned many techniques, and about new, cutting edge findings in ocean biogeochemistry. Among them, the life style of Thioploca spp. large sulfur bacteria – we could see them alive in fresh samples taken just outside the lab, in Conception Bay. The researchers I’ve met supported me later on my career, helping me to apply for grants and design my experiments. Lastly, I have made a lot of friends that I maintain contact until today. I am really grateful to POGO and Austral Summer Institute for these lifetime experiences!”

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