NF-POGO partnership officially starts

The Nippon Foundation-POGO Visiting Professorship Programme was initiated in January 2004 as a partnership between POGO and the Nippon Foundation. The Nippon Foundation supports various philanthropic activities in over 100 countries in areas such as overseas cooperative assistance, maritime development (including international capacity and network building projects) and social welfare. Read more…

The primary goal of the NF-POGO Visiting Professorship programme was to contribute to long-term, sustained, capacity building through the facilitation and interpretation of ocean observations in developing countries. The visibility and prestige of the Nippon Foundation would also be enhanced on an international scale. The programme allowed for extended visits of an experienced oceanographer to visit a developing country to provide training and mentoring to young ocean scientists.  Enhancement of networking among oceanographic institutes was also an objective.

Funding from the Nippon Foundation allowed for two Visiting Professors per year, over a period of three years (total of six Visiting Professors), to provide training in their own area of speciality. The programme was completed at the end of 2007.  Each professor spent from three to six months with local scientists and students, giving lectures, advising them on purchase, maintenance and operation of instrumentation, performing hands-on field work, participating in the analysis and interpretation of collected data and generating added value for national management and international needs.

The programme covered all expenses including the travel and living expenses of visiting professor and supporting team, the travel and living expenses of the participating students and scientists, and the purchase of specialised equipment when essential for maintaining the integrity of the programme.

Past visiting professors 

Dates Host Visiting Professor Title (click for details)
Nov 2004-Mar 2005 National Institute of Oceanography, India Dr. Trevor Platt (Canada) Calculation of regional-scale primary production for Indian waters and application to ecosystem dynamics
Dec 2004-July 2005 University of South Pacific, Fiji Dr. Motoyasu Miyata (Japan) Capacity Building in the Marine Sectors of South Pacific Small Islands Countries
Apr-Aug 2006 National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil Dr. Robert Frouin (USA) Evaluation of satellite ocean-colour algorithms and products in coastal regions of Central and South America
Jan-June 2006 National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA), Sri Lanka Dr. Charitha Pattiaratchi (Australia) Coastal physical oceanography of Indian Ocean waters
May-Aug 2007 Institute of Oceanography, Vietnam Dr. Satsuki Matsumura (Thailand) Application of ocean color remote sensing for detecting SST, Chl-a, CDOM, suspended solids and light attenuation coefficient in the coastal waters of Binh Thuan province
 May-Nov 2007 Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer, Tunisia Dr. Vladimir G. Koutitonsky (Canada) Towards operational oceanography: Training and developments in Tunisia
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