NANO Global Project kick-off workshop

NANO Global Project “A Global Study of Coastal Productivity, Deoxygenation and Ocean Acidification”– Workshop

Between 2012 and 2017, with the support of NF and POGO, NANO members successfully conducted joint regional research projects that tackled coastal monitoring related to different subjects (e.g., HABs, tides and currents, invasive species) ultimately, applying ocean observations for societal benefit. These served as inspiration for a new NANO initiative – a joint project of global scale. The NANO Global project aims to monitor productivity, deoxygenation and acidification in coastal areas with an expanded geographical coverage, taking advantage of the distribution of NANO members around the globe and the facilities provided by their home institutions (e.g., monitoring capabilities, on-going projects, existing datasets and instrumentation). In 2017, a survey conducted among NANO members indicated a total of 36 marine scientists, technicians and graduate students, representing 14 countries and 18 institutions, interested in joining the project.

Representatives of these groups, members of the POGO Secretariat and NANO friends met in Lisbon, Portugal, between 18 and 20 April. The workshop included an introduction to the project objectives, presentations on the results of the survey and on current sampling strategies conducted in the participants’ institutions. The workshop also included talks on oceanographic data acquisition and management.

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