A ‘Voice for the Ocean’

Creation of “Oceans United” as a vehicle for various ocean organisations to speak with a common voice within GEO.

During the GEO meeting in Geneva in December 2005, POGO initiated a side meeting of representatives of international organisations which participated in GEO that had an ocean mandate. The goal of the side meeting was to coordinate responses from the ocean community to GEO, to speak with a common voice within GEO, and to share GEO tasks. The response to the idea was very positive, and the group was christened Oceans United by Jan de Leeuw, and it was decided that IOC would be the initial spokesperson for the group within GEO. Oceans United was initiated by POGO, IOC, GOOS, IGOS and JCOMM, but it was recognised that other groups would be invited to participate, to enhance the ocean involvement within GEO.

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