The POGO-4 meeting was hosted by CSIRO in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, from 22-24 January 2003. One of the outcomes was the agreement that an ocean assessment (similar to IPCC for climate) it needed. 2nd Chair of POGO, Howard Roe, takes over from Charlie Kennel MEMBERSHIP: 24 institutions in 17 countries


The POGO-3 Meeting took place at White Point beach resort, Nova Scotia from 27-29 November 2001. MEMBERSHIP: 20 institutions in 14 countries

Formation of POGO News & Information Group

During the creation of POGO in 1999, the world’s oceanographic leaders envisioned a strong communications component to support the mission of POGO and to keep its audiences informed about POGO’s activities. The News & Information (N&I) group was formed to unify all partner institutions, to promote the need for global..Read more…

Census of Marine Life begins

The concept for the Census of Marine was being developed around the same time as the concept for POGO (see Jesse Ausubel’s recollections). It was envisaged from the outset that “an organization like POGO will be absolutely essential for the success of the Census of Marine Life” in the words..Read more…


POGO-2 was hosted by Instituto Oceanografico, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil from 29 November-1 December 2000. The first POGO elections took place, with Charlie Kennel elected as Chair. MEMBERSHIP: 16 institutions in 13 countries

Prioritisation of Argo agreed at POGO-1

At the time that the Argo programme was just beginning, one of the first priorities of POGO was to throw the collective weight of its members behind the concept and the world expansion of Argo. Because the members of POGO are directors with the power to commit resources and influence..Read more…


Scripps hosted the first formal meeting of POGO in early December 1999. This inaugural meeting included senior officials from 17 institutions in 12 countries (Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia, UK, and US), as well as representatives of the IOC, the Scientific Committee for Oceanic Research..Read more…

POGO Exploratory Meeting

In March 1999, the Directors of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the Southampton Oceanography Centre in the U.K., convened a planning meeting in the headquarters of the United Nations Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). This meeting confirmed the value of creating a new partnership and defined the..Read more…

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