International Training Workshop on Nutrient Analysis, Netherlands, 2017

As part of a POGO Training Initiative proposal, six students from developing countries were supported by POGO to participate in a training course in Nutrient Analysis, hosted by NIOZ Texel from 5-9 November 2017.

See below for original Workshop Announcement:

SCOR-POGO International Training Workshop on Nutrient Analysis for Participants from Developing Countries, 5-9 November 2017

Hosted at NIOZ Texel, Netherlands

To better manage and understand the global impacts of human activities on the world’s oceans, it is necessary to have accurate observations of changes in dissolved nutrients in both the upper water column, as well as in the deep ocean.  This workshop at NIOZ is targeted at scientists and technicians from developing countries to give the opportunity of learning techniques and protocols, and sharing thoughts and ideas with other nutrient chemists.

NIOZ together with PML (Plymouth Marine Laboratory) offers this international training workshop that gives insight into nutrient analysis and also offers an opportunity to work in a world leading nutrient facility alongside some of the world’s most experienced nutrient chemists using gas-segmented continuous flow analysers (CFA’s).
The workshop is co-sponsored by POGO, SCOR and JAMSTEC for SCOR Working Group #147 (COMPONUT): towards comparability of global oceanic nutrient data. JAMSTEC will provide the certified nutrient reference materials.


Scope of course:

The course covers aspects such as sample handling, pipetting, CFA chemistry, calibrations, flow hydraulics, salinity, troubleshooting, GO-SHIP protocols, data handling and the use of CRM’s (certified reference materials), therefore offers practical experience in nutrient analysis. It is hosted at NIOZ Texel and uses the nutrient facility for the hands-on training.


Who can apply:

The course is open to scientists and technicians from developing countries who have some prior experience and currently carry out nutrient analysis. One of the main aims of the workshop is to improve the analytical skills of the attendees through an intense workshop. The course is limited to 10 participants.


Application deadline: 1 August 2017

Year: 2017

Members involved

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