Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) Training Workshop

A POGO-funded training initiative, held in Australia from 2-6 December 2019.


To train new members of the Global Alliance of CPR Surveys (GACS) in the methods they need to collect CPR samples from ships of opportunity.


  1. They first attended a 3-day GACS meeting in Hobart, Australia (25-27 Nov 2019)
  2. They then attended a 2-day Plankton Molecular Workshop in Hobart, Australia (28-29 Nov 2019)
  3. During the Plankton Molecular Workshop, they also spent time in the AusCPR lab in Hobart
  4. They then flew to Brisbane and attended CPR training for 1 week in the AusCPR lab there


  • Day 1: Deploying CPRs from SOOPs.
  • Day 2: Loading internals into CPRs
  • Day 3: Fixing and maintaining CPRs
  • Day 4: Counting phytoplankton samples
  • Day 5: Counting zooplankton samples


First name Surname Institutional affiliation Country Position
Marco Worship Department of Environmental Affairs: Oceans and Coastal Research South Africa Scientist (technician)
Octavio Esquivel Pós-grado em Oceanografia Biológica FURG; Biólogo Universidad de Costa Rica Brazil PhD student


Professor Anthony J. Richardson
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