POGO-SCOR Fellowships 2013

2013 Fellows

Smitha Ammamkuzhiyil

Nansen Environmental Research Centre, India Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

Satellite data processing, interpretation and the modelling of primary production

Marina Azaneu

Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil University of East Anglia, UK

Using seagliders as an important tool for observing ocean shelf regions

Ezeqiel Cozzolino

Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero, Argentina University of South Florida, USA

Advanced training in the processing of remote sensed oceanographic data for the Argentine Sea

Žarko Kovač

Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Croatia Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

Modeling primary production of the Adriatic Sea

Zhiyu Liu

Xiamen University, China OCEAN, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

The study of internal wave-submesoscale eddy interactions

Gunjan Motwani

Space Applications Centre (SAC) of Indian Space Research Organisation, India Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

Phytoplankton pigment analysis by HPLC and its application in the development of phytoplankton functional type algorithms

Olubunmi Nubi

Nigerian Institute for Oceanography & Marine Research, Nigeria GEOMAR, Germany

Analysis and interpretation of oceanic data and their interconnectivity

Dubrava Kirievskaya

Russian State Hydrometerological University, Russia Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, USA

The Chukchi Sea benthic data synthesis: contribute to the assessment
of a potential vulnerability of the ecosystem.

Joeline Ezekiel

Institute of Marine Sciences, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK

Seasonal and spatial variations of phytoplankton in Rufiji Delta, Southern Tanzania, based
on ocean colour remote-sensing and in-situ data.

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